Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is more than Greek Apparel: TSL's brand strives to serve a youthful motivated audience by providing quality apparel, that promotes positivity inspiring others to do good.
Our vision is to create a holistic brand, that our customers not only feel a part of, but also feel inspired by, therefore promoting positivity within their social circles, campuses, and beyond.



Our Brand Story

The Social Life is a custom apparel company focused on delivering freshly designed premium products to the modern college woman. Our brand promotes and encourages a positive way of thinking with everything from our unique apparel design to the content we provide our customers.

The company was founded by Kenny Borg & Nick Brucculeri in 2011 to serve greek life members with custom merchandise beginning in the southern California area. Their popularity grew quickly and over the past decade TSL has become the leading provider of Fraternity and Sorority custom apparel & a household name on every major college campus in the US.

Once the pandemic hit, campuses were shut down, and therefore events were cancelled, TSL looked at this as an opportunity to give the brand a refresh including new branding that resonates with the current Gen Z female customer. The business also is now female-led by Chase Healey with a majority female team.

Incorporating our foundation of unparalleled innovation in product design, marketing, apparel manufacturing, and e-commerce, TSL continues to be the chosen brand for the modern college woman; she's humble and makes it cool to be kind, she’s sporty and mature, she’s intelligent and edgy and she cares about giving back to her community and the environment.

We strive for our customers to connect with our brand therefore wearing our products exuding confidence, inspiring those around them, valuing being a part of something bigger than themselves, and knowing that we are a community of real ones. Meaning, our hope is to inspire those who commit to us to use our clothing and content as a way to promote a positive outlook to their friends and their college community.



On June 12, 2020 we released a statement in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. This statement outlined our commitments as a company to do better in the fight against systemic racism and injustice. It included committing to a year-round corporate giving plan that was be focused around equality-related causes.

We also recognize that sorority women come in all colors, sexual orientations, gender identities, and body types. We are committed to supporting ALL sorority women. Our commitments are as follows:
  • Representation - TSL's marketing content will be representative of ALL sorority women, regardless of how they identify
  • Education - We will continue to educate ourselves as a company, and use our platform to share our learning and have courageous conversations.
  • Action - year-round corporate giving and awareness campaigns for causes.
  • Opportunity - We commit to creating opportunities for BIPOC and all other minority identities, including explicit language in all recruiting efforts for our student programs, freelancers, and staff.
  • Brand for everyone - These marks are symbols of who and what we stand for. You will find them on our website and all of our email marketing campaigns.