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The Social Life strongly encourages BIPOC and all other minority identities to apply.
Our company is for everyone.


She is a natural born leader that enjoys building new relationships and growing her already strong network within her Greek community. With interest and experience in sales, her studies are focused around business, communication, and/or marketing. She is always up to date on the current fashion trends and confidently expresses her own unique style. She is self-motivated and inspired to improve her professional skills for her already bright future. Her hard work and goal-achieving mentality positively influences her peers to do as she does.

She is a TSL Campus Rep

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  • Build Relationships with other Greeks on Campus
  • Establish professional relationships with the Team TSL employees 
  • Assist Chapters in creating their custom apparel orders
  • Create your OWN schedule - Commitment avg of only 10 hrs a week!
  • Receive commission on every completed group order (Average of $1,000 a month)
  • FREE TSL Swag & Gift Boxes
  • Learn valuable skills involving sales/management/marketing 
  • Cultivate business relationships and new friendships! 
  • Build your Resume - Adding to your job experiences, skills AND references

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