All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Go

I know I cannot be the only one who wakes up every morning and wastes about an hour deciding if I want to get dressed and look like a productive human or stay in pajamas all day and eat Cheeto Puffs while binge-watching The Office for the 5th time. No? Just me? Well either way, right now is a very confusing time fashion-wise. Some days I want to lounge in sweats, other days I wanna throw on some makeup and look cute for a date with my bed and other days I want a nice medium for a semi-cute and casual vibe. Whatever style matches your mood best, I’ve got a Quarantine lookbook for you!

Couch Potato But Make it Fashion

First up on the list is what I like to call the, “Sweatpants Baddie”. This is for those days that you want to wear something cozy and casual yet you still wanna look snatched. All you have to do is throw on (or wake up in) your favorite comfy joggers or sweatpants and add on either a cropped hoodie, a crop tank (if it's not too cold where you are), or for bonus “hot trend” points, DIY yourself a matching tie-dye sweatsuit! Now, remember this does not have to be fancy or look put together. YET. The key to perfecting this look is the accessories. Grab your layered necklaces and hoop earrings (any size will do) and maybe a beanie/hat if you're feeling extra bad. Now makeup isn’t required but if you wanna go full in, add a little touch of mascara to pop those eyes and a bit of gloss and you’re done! Now go get on with your bad self!

Spring Sweetheart

Now this one is for my feminine chic ladies. The ones who can’t help but get a little dolled up. The ones who prefer a little pizzazz during this dreary Quarantine time instead of lounging in sweats all day. For these ladies, get into the Spring spirit with a nice maxi/mid skirt or dress and either a cute flowy blouse (for that boho look), a bodysuit (to show some of those curves), a graphic tee (for some edge), or a cropped cardigan (super trendy right now). You can also achieve this same Spring-inspired girly vibe with some funky culottes or flowy pants. And if they happen to be pastel-colored or floral, BONUS POINTS! If you want to go all-in with this look, you can throw on a nice sun hat while you go for a nice social distance approved walk (if the weather is nice by you). You can also throw on a chunky headband or those cute new beaded/pearl hair clips. So cute! You'll definitely cast a little ray of sunshine on your Quarantine days with these outfits!

Working On My Fitness, COVID’s My Witness 

Next, we have the sporty girls. Those who I envy during this time who have mustered up the motivation to work out and stay active. Or this is also for the girls like me who want to dress like those girls and act like we are active when really we just wear leggings at all times, not just for working out. Anyways, this one is nice and simple. Throw on your favorite leggings (or joggers similar to the “Sweatpants Baddie”) and either lounge around in a sports bra, a cropped hoodie, or a cute workout tank knotted at your waist and BOOM! Done. It's simple but yet so put together, especially if you have matching workout sets! Plus, at least for me, whenever I wear workout apparel I feel a tiny bit more energized and productive. I don’t necessarily always work out when I wear leggings but hey the intention is there.

We Can Work From Home

Lastly, this one is for the ladies who are still working remotely during this time, interning, attending meetings/interviews, or even just those that wanna look profesh for a Zoom session. I got you girls. You can do one of two things: either go all in head to toe or look put together up top and wear sweatpants on the bottom (since the majority of Zoom sessions will only be on your shoulders and up). For those going all-in you can wear a nice button-up blouse (no cleavage!), a lightweight turtleneck, a lightweight sweater, or a nice cami with either a cardigan or blazer on top. Then for bottoms, you can wear soft trousers, nice flowy pants, or even just black jeans. For the rest of the ladies, sweatpants will be your best friend getting you through those long Zoom meetings. Whichever style fits you best, you’ll be dressed to impress!

-- Kiana Cook, Delta Delta Delta

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