Warning: You Might Need Sunglasses For How Bright Your Week Looks

Hello, gorgeous! You are here. “Here” can be a difficult place to be. But, where is “here”? Here is different for everyone, and that is why what you do to maintain the beautiful, strong, inspiring woman you are is unique to you. So, you are here, and here is good. No. Here is great! You might not believe me right now, but just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, she became a butterfly. You may feel more like the caterpillar right now, but I promise you that if you push a little harder and follow some of my simplest and flexible tips using an open mind, your beautiful wings will take you places you never imagined possible. 

Optimism, optimism, optimism

A common misconception is that we do not hold control of our own happiness due to the domination of external factors. Focus on the positives of every situation and surround yourself with a positive support system, and the optimism will naturally follow. Try and imagine yourself where you aspire to be and follow that path with positive thoughts and actions.

Present day mindset

If a tree constantly worried about what season it was going to enter next, it would immediately become weak at its roots and blown over by the next approaching storm. In the same way, each day of your life is its own season. If you spend all of today worrying about tomorrow, you will be blind to all the individual beauties and irreplaceable moments of these 24 hours. Worry, fear, and stress do not change the outcome of the future. Step back and enjoy the current state in which you are, because honey, it’s fabulous to be you!

Explore your interests and uncover what brings you joy

There are so many things in the world you have yet to uncover, and you deserve nothing but the best. When you are happy, the world around you and everything in it seems to fall into place. Get lost in the wonders of Pinterest, discover a new Spotify playlist, or pick up a new hobby like baking, art, gardening, working out, or anything in between. Passion is energy that ignites flames beneath your beautiful wings, enabling you to fly. You must be just as open to finding it as it is to finding you, and being selfish with your time is not selfish.

Never let someone tell you you can't

If you believe in yourself, so will everyone around you. Confidence is key to unstoppable progress and success. If someone is questioning how far you can go, go so far that you can no longer hear their doubt.

Make a list

I could not survive an hour without my lists. Whether it be groceries, to-dos, or notes to self, I am constantly scribbling on whatever piece of paper I can find at all hours of the day and night. The versatility of lists is incomparable. If you find your head clogged with thoughts seemingly never able to be turned off, take time to write down what is bothering you. Whether that is a rant session with your favorite pen and notepad or a massive to-do list, you will be able to watch the thoughts happily leave the valuable space in your mind. Additionally, if creating a gratitude list each night, your head will hit the pillow mindful and in touch with the life and people you are so lucky to have. No matter what these lists might look like for you, take time to feel the magic of pen to paper to clear your mind or get more in touch with it.

Invest some time in helping others

There will always be someone who needs your help, no matter how big or small your efforts may be. Not only will your mental and emotional health improve from lending a hand, but so will the overall lives of others; it’s a win-win! If you are unsure of where to start, check out your town’s Facebook page, flyers posted around local businesses, get in touch with non-profits virtually around the globe, or even slip a nice letter in your neighbor’s mailbox to make their day. Opportunities are endless, just like your potential!

New workouts

If you are looking to improve or maintain your physical health, but are tired of the same boring routine or the same running route, be open to new ideas! Compare and share with friends or check out Pinterest and Youtube for energized videos and HIIT workouts. Whether you are targeting flexibility, legs, arms, abs, or full-body, nothing beats the refreshing feeling of hard work sweating out of your pores and shimmering off you. And, if you can, say hello to the sunshine and complete your routine outside as often as possible!

Diets are what you make of them

If you are struggling with the continuous body image discussion around the COVID-19 pandemic, I get it. But, darling, please believe me when I tell you you are beautiful just how you are. If diet plans and criticisms have begun to flood your social media and all the crevices of your daily mind, remember that all a diet is is the food you eat in a day! This doesn’t have to be some scary plan or any extreme change in your routine. Life is all about balance. Utilize Pinterest, eatingwell.com, cookinglight.com, and many more for healthy recipes balanced with those delicious brownie ice cream sundaes when you need them most.

No one is you and that is your superpower! But, what you choose to do with your one of a kind, glittery cape is your choice. Look your challenges in the eye. Give them a good wink. Now, go kick their asses. 

Xx, Lauren Whitman

University of Delaware, Delta Delta Delta


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