Using TSL Chapter Rewards

The Social Life prides itself on being the most affordable and highest quality sorority apparel out there, and with TSL Chapter Rewards we've made it easier than ever to get the apparel you love! TSL Chapter Rewards is a community-based program that helps you save money and do more with your sorority apparel.

Here’s how it works: 

Order 1 - 10% Off Custom Order

Order 2 - 10% Off Custom Order 

Order 3 - 10% Off Custom Order

Order 4 - 10% Off Custom Order 

Order 5 - 10% Off Custom Order + free gift

Order 6 - 10% Off Custom Order

Order 7 - 10% Off Custom Order

Order 8 - 10% Off Custom Order

Order 9 - 10% Off Custom Order + free PR order

We’ll take 10% off each order you place just for being a Chapter Rewards member. Plus, starting in 2020, get two free orders just for shopping with us! We’re beyond grateful for our customers, and want to give back you.  

Nine Orders? I'm not so sure...

Now, nine orders might seem like a lot to get through, but trust me, it has been done and you can do it too! Here’s how we recommend planning out your orders for the year. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, hop on the phone with one of our Community Managers and we’ll walk you through it. 

Order 1: Spring Philanthropy -- Chapter Rewards members have the option to forgo their discount and have TSL donate it to their philanthropy instead! 

Order 2: Parents Weekend 

Order 3 - Formal 

Order 4 - Senior Gift 

Order 5 - Bid Day -- Use your free gift for new member gifts, in-house gifts, or something just to say thank you to your chapter. 

Order 6 - Recruitment 

Order 7 - PR 

Order 8 - Date Party  

Order 9 - Fall Philanthropy -- You did it! You placed order #9 with some time to spare. AND you just got an extra PR order for your chapter! 

The Chapter Rewards Program is meant to make life easier for the apparel chair, exec board, and the whole chapter by getting you the best prices for apparel you'll love. Plus, when you sign up, the whole chapter gets discounts to our Retail Store! 

Xx, Team TSL 

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