Top 10 Bid Day Themes of 2019

Planning recruitment is hard work. From organizing bump groups to trying to remember all the legacies and just trying to stay afloat, it takes a special kind of sorority gal to take on the task. And as all great Recruitment Chairs know, it’s never too early to start planning bid day. Gotta grab the best theme before the rest, am I right? 

If you’re having trouble brainstorming for Bid Day 2020, here are the Top 10 bid day themes of 2019. Let us know which one was your fav! 

Iced Out

This one has become a huge fan favorite recently. There are so many ways to dress it up with glitter, boas, and even silver lipstick. You can’t go wrong with an iced out bid day.

Game Day

We got a really big team. Show off your new member class and welcome them to the big leagues with a super cute game day theme!

Fall In Love

Show the world how much you LOVE your chapter! Like the Iced Out theme, this one is super easy to accessorize. Grab some pink glasses, draw some hearts on your cheek and you’re ready to go.

Girl Power

It’s not a world tour it’s ya GIRLS TOUR. Show off your girl power and empower your new member class with this super fun theme.

Spice Up Your Life

Party like it’s 1999! New bids on the block, or any 90s theme is the perfect excuse to accessorize with scrunchies, fanny packs, and the iconic side pony.

Out of This World

Your new member class is out of this world! Like the 70s, there are so many ways to make this theme unique. You can stick with the NASA logo, go for a more Area 51 theme, or even go the Astroworld route! No matter what you choose, there will be glitter.


Dream a little dream of your new member class. Accessorize this super cute and easy theme with silver, gold, and white. And make sure you perfect those cloud name tags!

Disco Fever

Feel the call of the disco ball! Get funky with this classic bid day theme that never goes out of style. Flare pants, boas, and headbands, oh my! Get ready to dance the night away with the newest member class.

Candy Land

How sweet it is to have a perfect new member class! Celebrate the day with gold pants, fun lipstick, and of course lots of candy.

Off to the Races

Vroom vroom ladies! You made it to the finish line - bid day is here! Grab your racing stripes and get ready to celebrate your new member class.


-- Sarah Whitman, TSL Community Manager

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