This is a sign, Go Greek!

Joining a sorority was never my intention, I was never the type to go out and do things out of my comfort zone. However, I saw the flyer for the first night of recruitment and something told me that I should go ahead and check it out. 

While the process was long and it made me really tired (once or twice I was thinking about not going back, but I didn’t let my anxiety take over me), I ended up at the end: bid day (aka CHRISTMAS). I was absolutely terrified and was convinced the whole time that I wasn’t going to get a bid. I had gone into recruitment with my mind set on one sorority and ended recruitment with my mind set on another. My heart was going to be absolutely broken if I did not end up getting a bid from this particular sorority. 

Long story short, I received a bid from that sorority, and now here I am writing a blog post about how I never thought that I was going to even be able to have the numerous amount of opportunities that I do now. I originally joined for the sisterhood but I know that once I graduate, I’ll be leaving with so much more. 

While the idea of making lifelong friendships, meeting your future bridesmaids, and developing a sisterhood bond that nobody else can match is super important, that isn’t the only thing that sorority life is about.

My studies are really important to me, will I have time for those?

While being in a sorority you will still have plenty of time to dedicate to your studies. It is always encouraged that you put your scholarship first before anything else. After all, we are in college to get a degree! My sorority promotes scholarship by hosting GPA competitions, hosting library hours, and so much more. You will always have time to make sure that you are keeping your grades up, and your sisters will be there to have your back. Plus, there are always fun ways to make scholarship fun, like attending ice cream study socials! 9/10 times you are going to have someone else that has the same major as you, so you will always have someone there to help you out in some way, whether it’s at an ice cream study social, or not. :)

Do all sororities participate in philanthropic work?

All sororities have a philanthropy that they focus on. Some even have more than one where they focus on one or more local community service projects in addition to their national philanthropy. Fun fact, Tri Delta has raised more than $70 million for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital!

If you are really interested in philanthropic work, you might also be able to get in contact with your Panhellenic Council members to see what they have planned, most likely they have community service lined up too!

What kind of leadership opportunities have you had?  


I became the Director of Sisterhood my second year so I got to plan all of our sisterhood events (which is actually super important!). Last year I was VP of Recruitment on the Panhellenic Council, so I had the chance to plan the entire recruitment process, which was a fever dream. While it was a stressful moment, it was also a moment full of learning opportunities and I made friends with so many more women in other organizations. Now, I am the Secretary on my chapters Eboard, and I am the President of the Panhellenic Council. Never in a million years would I have ever seen myself in any positions like these, but here I am! Don’t feel like you have to go crazy and go for large positions like these, but don’t be afraid to do so at the same time.

What is your favorite thing about going greek?

My favorite thing about joining Greek Life is all of the above opportunities. On top of having an amazing support system, I managed to develop a much better respect for my scholarship, grow a massive love for a philanthropy that I will contribute to for the rest of my life, and so much more. The leadership skills, communication skills, and learning how to hold myself to a higher standard will stick with me for the rest of my life! All of these skills and more have helped me grow into who I am today and they have helped me in my everyday life.

Xx, Sydney Jefferys

West Liberty University, Chi Omega


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