Summer Productivity Tips

As many universities continue to shift towards online classes and social distancing guidelines are still in place, many college students (like myself) are left wondering what to do over the summer. Many internships have been canceled, jobs may be scarce, and some of us face an abundance of free time in the near future. I wanted to share some of the things that I will be doing to use this summer to stay productive and prepare for my future career!

Take Online Classes

Although summer classes may not sound very fun, they can be incredibly helpful for fulfilling graduation requirements and getting gen-eds out of the way. Some universities are also offering free online courses, such as Harvard’s famous happiness course. I will be taking an African American Studies course through Yale’s online classes portal with a few of my friends!

Find a Remote Internship

Even though some internships may have been canceled, there are still opportunities to complete internships online! Although it may not be ideal, remote internships are a great resource for professional experience, making connections, and building up a resume.

Learn New Skills

This summer could also be a great opportunity to learn new skills. Sites like Skillshare and YouTube offer videos about new topics and hobbies to take up! I’ve been learning about digital marketing, graphic design, and embroidering in my free time, and it not only helps pass the time but lets you be creative.

Revamp Your Resume and Start a Website

A great thing you can do during the summer is to update and revamp your resume! There are tons of free resources available online on platforms such as Canva that help you create a resume that stands out and highlights your achievements. You can also use this time to create your own website to serve as a digital portfolio!

Start a Side Hustle

One last idea to utilize this summer and potentially make some money is to start a side hustle! Online marketplaces like Etsy make selling handcrafted items accessible to the world, and social media platforms can be used to market these products.

I know that this summer may not be what we were expecting, but I hope that these tips may help give you some motivation to make the best out of the situation!

Xx, Annelise Silkaitis

University of South Carolina, Delta Zeta


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