Shero Series: Sonali Prabhu

A shero (SHE-ro) is defined as a woman admired or idealized for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. Here at TSL we love to celebrate our community’s Sheroes. Today’s Shero was nominated by our Campus Rep, Alexis Beshara from the University of Central Florida.

What makes this nominee a Shero?

Sonali was awarded the Community Visibility Award by Kappa Delta nationals for the YouTube channel she created for her chapter. The channel includes videos that build confidence and show an inside view into sorority life. Through this, she inspires women to be the best them and never give up on their dreams.

Meet Sonali!

Sonali Prabhu is an alumnae of the Kappa Delta Chapter at University of Central Florida. She graduated in 2019 and just accepted a full time position as a Content Creator for Landmark Properties!

Sonali grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta. From a young age she was very interested in videography and photography and started her first YouTube channel while still in High School.

Sonali has been obsessed with sororities since freshman year of high school when her sister founded the Alpha Omicron Pi chapter at Florida State. So, going through recruitment when she got to UCF was a no-brainer!

She found her home in Kappa Delta, where she related to both their national philanthropy (she was a girl scout after all!) and their Confidence Coalition. Her future sisters made her feel confident and welcome, and were all very accepting of her YouTube Channel -- something she was made fun of for in High School.

Community Visibility Award

Knowing her penchant for YouTube, her sister Rachel, the current PR chair at the time encouraged Sonali to run for PR Assistant, with the hopes that she’d take over the PR position the next year. At the time, Sonali was unsure about being on exec, but is now so glad that she did it because of all the opportunities it led to. 

Through her position she was able to create Keeping up with KD - a YouTube series which was meant to appeal to PNMs and give them an inside look into Sorority Life. In the eight-part series she did interviews with different women in the chapter on their experience in Kappa Delta. This, combined with the Recruitment Videos she helped create, and the chapter’s overall social media image led to the chapter winning the 2017 Community Visibility Award at the Kappa Delta Convention which honors the chapter with the best Public Relations for the year.

Advice from Sonali

Get involved as much as you can! It doesn’t matter how busy you already are. Make time for your sorority, its the only way you’ll fall more in love with it. I can't imagine what my life would look like if I hadn't taken the PR Assistant Position. It lead to so many opportunities within the Greek Community and made me so much more confident.


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