Seven 2020 Book Releases Worthy of Your Bookshelf

If there is one thing that can never be disagreed upon, it is how a book can transport its readers into a completely different world. Considering we are all mostly still stuck in our homes, this is the best time to have our “great escapes” while in the comfort of our sweatpants, fluffy sweaters, and face masks. Here are seven of the best new book releases for every type of bookworm.

For Marvel and DC Superhero Fans

Supernova by Marissa Meyer

This is the epic conclusion to Marissa Meyer’s Renegade Series, and boy does it perfectly wrap up everything for its characters and the superpowered world they live in. Nova is a brilliant protagonist, and themes of choosing between right and wrong are well written and intense. This book does not beat around the bush. It makes all involved sympathetic in one way or another, and the secrets that are revealed are some of the juiciest I have ever seen. It is definitely the perfect “Endgame” for this superhero trilogy. Make sure you read the previous installments first so you can enjoy the story to the fullest.

For Fans of Historical Fiction with a Twist

The Kingdom of Back by Marie Lu

So, I for sure had no idea that Mozart had an older and just as talented sister, named Nannerl until I came across this fantasy fictionalization of their lives as written by Marie Lu. This beautiful story wonderfully depicts Nannerl’s mindset, goals, and dreams, as she grows up in a time where women can be talented, but only that of boys will be cultivated. At the same time, her talent will be allowed to die out upon reaching marrying age. The story is a fantasy with magic and mystery abound, so if you’re looking for a book that can combine this with truth and heartwarming themes of sibling bonds, then you’ve come to the right place.

For Readers Who Want Their Disney Fix

So This is Love by Elizabeth Lim

Poor Cinderella cannot seem to catch a break in this reimagining of her famous tale, all stemming from one life-altering concept: What if she never tried on the glass slipper? Elizabeth Lim sends our beloved fairytale princess on a path far different from the one we recall with conspiracy and hidden prejudices, making themselves known to both her and the reader. In this book, Cinderella becomes the proactive protagonist that many felt she was not in her original story. Thankfully she also remains the kind-hearted and strong individual that we know and love. This is also a book that follows many other Disney retellings as written by different authors, so check those out as well if you crave even more storybook excitement.

For Those Who Love a Well Written Villian

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins

Good villains are kind of hard to come by in fiction as they are often two dimensional or evil for the sake of being evil, which is not a good motivation in the slightest. But the latest Hunger Games novel by Suzanne Collins does not fall victim to this as she depicts the origins of President Snow before he became the villain that we all love to hate. While it was a controversial move to make the prequel about him, I think it was a good one, as this story makes it clear that villains are sometimes made rather than born. It is a read that will make you think while also bringing you back into the world of Panem.

For Suspenseful Murder Mystery Fans

All Your Twisted Secrets by Diana Urban

This book is basically all your escape room nightmares come to life, and that is what makes it such an incredible read. Taking inspiration from greats like Agatha Christie, this story depicts six teens struggling to escape before they are forced to kill one of their own, or all of them end up dead from a bomb set to go off in the room they are trapped in. The plot is suspenseful and well written, and the characters will intrigue you to no end, particularly the protagonist Amber Prescott. The mystery will take you for the ride of your life.

For Those Wistful for Romance

Time of Our Lives by Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka

I always love a romance book written by two authors because it usually means the duel perspective of the characters will be well handled, and that is precisely what Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka accomplish in this novel. Fitz and Juniper are adorable together, and their separate journeys, as well as their romantic journey, will tug at your heartstrings and keep you invested from cover to cover. The book covers real issues while also maintaining a hopeful spirit alive, and that makes for a wonderfully satisfying read.

For Those Who Miss Twilight

Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer

There was no way Midnight Sun was not going to make it on this list. The long-awaited novel depicting Edward’s perspective of the events of Twilight has finally come to fruition after nearly a decade in development. Yes, I am aware the book will not be released until August of this year, hence why it is at the bottom of the list, but that just means it is time for you to reread the previous books in the series. I, for one, did read the pages that Stephanie Meyer released to the public years ago after they had been leaked without her permission. If those pages are any indication of a good story, then August will definitely belong to the vampires.


Xx, Christian Tippins

University of Central Florida, Kappa Alpha Theta


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