Recruitment Bootcamp: Social Media 101

For many schools, fall recruitment is just around the corner. Thousands of potential new members are committing to schools and looking to join Greek life. While some girls may know a lot about the recruitment process, it may seem intimidating and overwhelming to those who don’t. With little information about recruitment before stepping on campus, your chapter’s social media profile is the key to reaching potential new members. They can help them learn more about you and even ease nerves about the recruitment process! We compiled the best tips to get your social profiles in tip-top shape before you kick off recruitment.

Show off your sisterhood

It’s no surprise that when potential new members (PNM’s) are looking to join a sorority, they are looking for lifelong friendships. Ask your chapter to send in pictures of their favorite moments with their sisters whether it be sisterhood events, late-night study dates with friends or vacations they’ve taken together. Show PNM’s that your chapter can give them those lifelong bonds they’re looking for. 

Emphasize your values

Another extremely important part of your chapter is your values. Many of your chapter’s values are deep-rooted in history and come from your founder’s themselves. Telling your story can show potential new members what your chapter is all about and help you stand out from other chapters on campus. Your values make you unique, so don’t be afraid to showcase them!

Highlight your members

Involvement is important for any college student, but showing what you sisters do outside of your chapter can showcase what your current members are interested in. Create current member highlights and ask them to include their year, major, and what they’re involved in. Showcasing who makes up your chapter can give girls a better feel for what you’re all about. 

Highlight your philanthropy

Although this seems like a no brainer, a lot of the time potential new members have no idea what your philanthropy is or what they do. You can showcase your special philanthropy events, but make sure to include what your organization does. After all, potential new members often consider a connection to a philanthropy when going through recruitment. It is also a great way to bring awareness to your organization throughout the entire Greek community!

Follow the rules and have fun!

The most important part of your social media is following your organization’s rules as well as Panhellenic rules. The time leading up to recruitment comes with very specific rules of what you can and cannot do, so make sure you and all of your members are aware of these rules. Even with all of this in mind, it’s important you keep your page authentic and fun. Celebrate your member’s accomplishments, show off your values and philanthropy, and interact with the rest of the Panhellenic community. Recruitment is a time where all of the community should come together to welcome all of the new members to their forever homes!

Social media is an amazing way to keep in contact with all of your sisters and celebrate your chapter. Authenticity and pride are what should shine through on your profiles the most. But at the end of the day, it isn’t your social media that will attract new members, it’s your values, sisterhood, philanthropy, and connection that will bring potential new members home. Happy posting!   

Xx, Brianna Mejia

Quinnipiac University, Kappa Alpha Theta


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