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Since its looking like this semester will be a little less eventful than normal, here are some shows you can watch that are actually worth watching! These might be my personal favorites, but everyone I’ve recommended them to have given me some good feedback! Here are my show recommendations that will be worth your while.

The Haunting of Hill House

I am starting with my personal favorite, and when I say this is my favorite show of all time, I genuinely mean that. This show was originally a book, which Netflix then turned into a TV show. The way to describe the show doesn’t even do it justice at all. Essentially, the show is about a family who lived in a “haunted” house and these ghosts and demons follow them through their lives. Without giving away anything, the ghosts are very metaphorical. This show is so beautifully and poetically done, I even got a quote from this show tattooed on my body. “The rest is confetti”, if you’ve heard that before but didn’t know where it is from, now you know! And let me tell you, it’s such a beautiful quote when you see it in the context of the show. Even just in general, it’s about letting your time and your moments fall around you instead of fighting against them. All the good and all the bad doesn’t matter, it’s all confetti, what matters is love and happiness. 

What I tell people is that it’s not just a ghost story. It’s about grief, depression, and suicide. It’s about what all of those things does to a family. The 5 main characters are said to resemble the 5 stages of grief. I want everyone to know that when they watch it because it adds so much to the story. Now, the show is extremely scary, and horror is my favorite genre, but I underestimated this show. BUT DON’T BE AFRAID, if you are someone who doesn’t like horror, you can still watch it, I promise. Just don’t watch it alone, at night, I made that mistake. This is genuinely the best show I’ve ever seen and I have seen it 5 times all the way through now. The messages, the meaning, and the actual production of the show are all-around amazing. 

Just a fun little note: the producers edited ghosts into the background of random scenes in the show. These are just random ghosts, but when you catch them in the background, it’s spooky!

How to Get Away With Murder

This show is so good!!! It made me want to be a lawyer. My mother convinced me to watch this show and I’m so glad she did. This show is an easy watch because it keeps you tied in and wanting more at the end of every episode. The seasons start off with a murder, and you usually know who is murdered. As the episodes progress, you get closer and closer to the reveal of who the killer is. The show is so well done that every episode is a missing piece to a puzzle, and the way the pieces connect is mind-blowing. This show played with my emotions a lot, but to me, that’s when you know a show is good! In my mom’s own words, “this show had the best ending to any show I’ve seen on TV”. After watching the very last episode of the series, I can’t disagree. This is a show where every question is answered and every loose end is tied and I really appreciated that. I was sad when the show was over, but I had all the closure I needed to really think back about how amazing the show actually was. 

The Bold Type

Not a lot of people have heard about this show, but this show is like a modern-day Sex and the City (which I am also watching) but this show also touches on a lot of controversial issues in such a way that it shows both sides. I think that’s a really cool aspect of the show, and it’s real-life situations and issues that the world and women (mostly) deal with. The show is about three best friends living in New York City and they work for the same fashion magazine. Jane is a writer for the magazine, Sutton is an aspiring fashion designer, and Kat is the social media rep. Honestly, they’re living what I wished was my best life. My biggest dream in life is to live in New York City and be a writer for a fashion magazine. If you have the same, or similar dream, watch this show! It is a little bit of a cliche drama, but they do it in a way that makes it not cringey. It’s really a cute show, easy watch, and it’s really inspiring. After I watch this show, I’m ready to go write my books or write this blog post or go do something artsy. This show resembles sisterhood, and as a sorority woman, that is something I strongly value. 

I Am a Killer

For any crime junkies out there, like me, this show is great. It’s a little different from what I’m used to because it’s more like a documentary than it is a fictional show. However, this show is interesting because you get the story of death row inmates. They tell you the crime they were condemned for and you get to see the whole situation from their perspective. You also get to see the perspective of the cops, families, and friends. These are real people, real stories, and real events. All of these inmates were taken off death row, but still hold significant sentences. It is kind of a sad show, because the inmates touch on their childhoods which were usually unpleasant and very far from perfect. If you like crime stories and documentaries and reading into people’s minds, this is the show for you!


Xx, Ashley Newman

Virginia Commonwealth University, Alpha Omicron Pi 


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