Need a laugh? Here are our favorite Quarant-memes!

Life in isolation making you a little stir crazy? Team TSL is here for you! We could all use a good laugh, so we compiled a list of our favorite social-distancing memes to brighten your day.

Our Travel Plans

We may not have been able to travel for spring break this year, but nothing is stopping us from touring our apartments/houses! Turn each room into an attraction and bounce from one to another to avoid being in one place too long.

Introverts UNITE

Is it bad that some of us aren’t noticing a huge difference? We were already on our couch sipping tea before this quarantine. Welcome to our world.

New Classmates

Please only refer to your pets as classmates/coworkers from now on. Thank you.

Virtually Graduating

Actual footage of me getting my diploma so I can prove to employers that I graduated. Hire me!

Love is...

Probably not a person… maybe just my dog. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Thousand Island Hoarders

Good morning to everyone except the person who cleared out all the Thousand Island bottles. This now makes it impossible for me to have a salad so guess I’ll stick to pasta and cereal.

Toilet Paper Dreams

Our pets don’t understand, toilet paper is a delicacy now. Please don’t put us in this position.

Our New Routines

Yup. Sounds about right.

Our Special Moments

But if you do see Jon Hamm, let him know that I am free to social distance with him next Friday. 


This sounds good to me!

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