How to Vote When You Go To School in a Different State

The upcoming 2020 election is fast approaching and is the first time many college students have the opportunity to vote. However, it can be difficult to figure out your registration and voting process as a first-time voter, and this process can be even more confusing if you attend a college in a different state than you reside in. In this blog, I’m going to be talking about how to make sure your vote gets counted, even if you go to school in a different state.

Make Sure You’re Registered to Vote!

In some states, you can register to vote on the same day you actually vote. In other states, there’s a deadline up to a few months before the election. Make sure you check with your state’s official website to learn about registration deadlines.

Check Your State’s Absentee Voting Laws

If you are a student who attends a school out of state, like me, you can vote through absentee voting. This is when you send your vote in the mail. You must still be registered to vote in your home state in order to send an absentee ballot there. Each state might have a different process or deadline you have to follow to make sure your vote is counted, so make sure you check your state ahead of time so you know!

What if I have Residency?

If you were originally registered to vote in your home state, but now claim residency in the same state as your school, you can update your voter registration to that state, which allows you to vote in person!

If you plan on voting through an absentee ballot this fall, it is incredibly important to check that you’re registered to vote and know your state’s guidelines ahead of time. Make your voice count!

Xx, Annelise Silkaitis 

University of South Carolina, Delta Zeta


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