How to Enjoy the Fall Season While Staying Safe!

While the world is still in the midst of a pandemic, the fall season still provides tons of opportunities to celebrate the beautiful weather and the exciting holidays that come with this time of year! Here are some ways to get outside and have some fun while staying safe!

Visit a Pumpkin Patch or Corn Maze 

Local farms have so many fun events and activities to do this time of year! Grab your roommates or a couple sorority sisters, your masks, and head to your nearest pumpkin patch. You can take cute pictures together, take part in activities like hayrides and corn mazes, (depending on what the farm offers), and pick out pumpkins to carve and decorate your homes with! I love spending time outside with my best friends once the weather gets cooler and it gives us an excuse to bust out our favorite fall clothing and celebrate this season. Be sure to stop for some hot fall drinks too! Dunkin Donuts’ coffee is my personal favorite. 

Carve Pumpkins 

While carving pumpkins isn’t for everyone, (I will admit, cleaning out the seeds can get a little messy), I love this opportunity to get creative and make some inexpensive fall decor for the front doorstep of my apartment. Browse the internet for some carving inspiration and grab the pumpkins you picked out for a fun evening activity! My sorority sisters and I sat on the back porch of the Alpha Gamma Delta house this past week and carved pumpkins together and it was a great way to bond and catch up when a lot of our events are cancelled or severely restricted this semester. Be sure to social distance, wear your mask, and take this time to relax and connect with your close friends. Put a real candle, or battery-powered candle inside and appreciate your hard work!

Have a Fall Photoshoot

Having a photoshoot when the leaves start changing is one of my favorite things to do this time of year. Put on an outfit that you feel cozy and confident in, and meet up with some friends to get some pretty pictures for your Instagram! My college campus is especially beautiful this time of year, but your city’s downtown, a local park, or your backyard are great locations to take pictures. I love having photos to document this time of year, and our masks make our pictures very timely. Your Instagrams are going to be looking extra festive after this fun activity and you’ll have some pictures of people you love to print and decorate your living space with!

Try A New Seasonal Recipe 

The cooler weather means that it is the perfect time to try out a new fall recipe! Baking a new pumpkin recipe, channeling your inner barista and creating your own fall drink, or decorating cookie and cupcakes for Halloween are all great ways to spend time with your roommates at home and get in the fall spirit. The internet has so many delicious recipes to try and by the end, you’ll have some adorable treats to share with friends, or to enjoy when you get home from class. 


I know the burden of COVID-19 can be a downer this year, but social distancing, wearing your mask, and other safety guidelines do not by any means inhibit having fun this season! Be sure to take some time to head outdoors, connect with friends, and celebrate one of the best times of year. 


Social distance, wear your mask, and enjoy all that fall has to offer. 




McKenna Kaufman 

Alpha Gamma Delta at Mercer University 


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