Finding your New Quarantine Hobby

Quarantine is boring - we get it. You’re used to running around constantly between classes, projects, chapter meetings, philanthropy events, and social activities. Being stuck at home taking remote classes is definitely a change of pace. That’s why we’re bringing you some activities to keep you busy during quarantine. Who knows, you might pick up a new hobby! 


You know that book you can’t bring yourself to read because you’re always too busy? Well now is your time. Block out 30 minutes a day, put your phone on airplane mode, and sit down with your book.


Moving your body is so important right now. Whether you’re doing a full-on workout, a yoga flow, or taking a walk, make sure to get your blood flowing and your heart pumping. Here are some of our favorite resources right now! 

    1. Core Power Yoga on demand 
    2. Footpath 
    3. Whitney Simmons home workouts


Countless studies have shown how great meditation is for your mind, body, and overall well being. At school you’re constantly moving, so who has time to meditate?? You do! Pick a time during the day to sit for five minutes and slow your mind. Here are some resources: 

    1. Calm App 
    2. Depak Shopra
    3. Insight Timer
    4. Headspace

Organize your life


You just brought your whole life home from college to your childhood bedroom. You are bound to have some stuff you don’t need. Set a timer, put on some good music, and start going through your clothes, notes, books, etc. When you’re done we guarantee you’ll feel better. Need some inspo? Rewatch Marie Kondo on Netflix!

Do a craft

It’s easy to get lost in the monotony of taking online classes, watching TV, and going to bed. Exercise your mind and do something creative. Here are some ideas: 

    1. Paint/draw 
    2. Knit 
    3. Needle-point 
    4. Scrapbook 
    5. Collage 
    6. Cook

Facetime your friends

Social distancing does not equal social isolation. Make sure you’re reaching out to your friends during this time. One member of TSL HQ has a standing Facetime date with her gal pals every Sunday. Reach out to your sisters and check in on them. I’m sure they need it as much as you do. You can: 

    1. Simply facetime 
    2. Have a study date 
    3. Watch a show together 
    4. Get some friends together for a book club!

All is not lost. If you find yourself itching for more to do right now, look at this time as an opportunity to do things you never had time for. What are you going to try? 

Xx, Team TSL

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