Find your #girlgang in the Greek Community!

Looking from the outside in, people may think that sorority women are in it for the image and reputation. However, the women in sororities are there for so much more. They're in a sorority to make friends, be involved, and give back. All the other things that come with it are just perks of the sisterhood.

As a nervous freshman, looking to be involved in philanthropic events and to create strong bonds with girls, I did what I thought was best for me and went through recruitment. I'm so happy that I did because, in Kappa Alpha Theta, I met a tight-knit group of women who value the same things that I do. It was a special feeling of belonging.

Even outside of my chapter, I found inclusivity within the greek community. We are all different from one another, and everyone appreciates one's differences (it's not cheesy, it's true)!

The Greek community is the ultimate #girlgang.

Urban dictionary defines a girlgang as, "those fearless ladies who exude self-confidence and help build their fellow sistas up, not tear them down." In my three years being apart of this community, I have seen those exact works to be so true.

Yes, each sorority woman is fearless. Yes, we all aim to exude self-confidence, and yes, we ALWAYS build each other up.

If you're thinking of going through recruitment, I encourage you to go for it. You will feel pride and happiness being in the Greek community and if you're already in a sorority, I'm sure you know what I mean.

Olivia Schueller, Kappa Alpha Theta @ Quinnipiac University

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