Expressing Yourself Through Fashion

“Fashion is a weapon that you can use when you need it.” – Donatella Versace

Clothing, shoes, hair, makeup, lifestyle, accessories. The fashion world is limitless. Figuring out how to express yourself the best and truest form through fashion can be difficult and nerve-wracking, especially in college. College is a fresh start into a new chapter of your life. New friends, new classes, new atmosphere, but most importantly a new addition to you. It can be intimidating and hard at times. Something that helped me was reclaiming my identity through fashion. Incorporating who you are, what you wear, and how you present yourself is a lot easier than you think. The amazing thing about the world is everyone is so similar yet so different.

Through fashion, it is good to embrace your individuality and personality. Just know someone, somewhere, on your campus is going to love your outfit and others may not believe it is their style. If you feel overwhelmed just start with the basics.

What is your personality like and how can you rock it?

Are you outgoing and want to wear something bold? Or, are you edgy and feel comfortable whipping out those checkered print shoes? Experimenting with your favorite colors or patterns can ultimately lead to what looks best on you. Knowing your true self first is essential because you know your comfort zone and how daring you are comfortable to go. Keeping up with fashion trends but alternating them to yourself is a way to feel good in what you are wearing. Dress or do your hair and makeup a way that makes YOU feel great.

Believe it or not, no one really cares as much in college than you think.

Everyone possesses this “do you” attitude, which basically means do whatever you want because it is your life and not mine. Once you get a little older you come to realize that everyone is living their own life worrying about themselves. College is funny; in the same class you can have one student wearing a baggy hoodie with sweatpants, yet another student is dressed in a suit or dress. If you are like myself growing up, I constantly thought about what other people think of me and craved validation. After exploring the fashion world and building confidence and self-love, I realized those thoughts and opinions were holding me back. The fashion pieces you put together and rock could even be an inspiration to someone else. Throughout all of this no matter what you put on, wear it with confidence. Know that if you are happy, comfortable, and feel good then you are representing your true and best self.

XOXO, Vick

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