Bring Your Dorm Room Home!

For many of us, being stuck in our homes is definitely not how we wanted to spend our second semester of school. The reality that we are now living is without a doubt harsh and unpredictable, but instead of dwelling on the uncertain, let's focus on what we can do to positively impact our new lifestyle. With most of us college students back at home, here are some ways to turn your bedroom at home into the dorm or room you miss so much at school. 

Add Some Lights!

Nothing screams college dorms more than lights to hang up on your wall. Depending on your style, go with either LED lights or for a more simple look, fairy lights. This small accessory to your room can seriously make a huge difference. What is really cool about LED lights especially is that you can change the vibe of your room instantly by simply changing the color.  Whether you’re binging your favorite Netflix show at night with the lights on or keeping them on during the day to add color, these lights are the perfect addition to your room at home. 

Led Lights

Fairy Lights

Get Crafty!

Before I get into this, Amazon is your friend for this project. Go on Amazon and buy a few supplies (Canvases, Mod podge, paint brushes, paint, etc.) and get crafty! A great way to amp up your room is to paint a few designs or drawings on the canvases as well as print out some pictures that speak to you and create a collage! Not only will this give your room some flavor, but it will also keep you busy for a few hours. This is also a great way to show your style and creativity by creating something that goes with your vibe!

Print Some Pics!


Finally, the last way to transform your room at home to feel more like your college dorm is to print out some photos of you and your besties. If you are anything like me, I love capturing life’s moments on camera. Throughout my semester at college, I had taken so many pictures for no other reason than to have them as memories. When this year abruptly ended, I immediately took all of my favorite photos and printed them to the nearest Walgreens so I could display them on one of my walls. I think that putting up pictures is truly the best way to make your room your own. Not only does it completely display who you are as a person, but it reminds you of better times and gives yourself hope in times like this. 

Although our semesters at college have come to a halt, there are still so many other things we can do to stay positive and enjoy life as it is. Though it is simple, redecorating your room is an easy, inexpensive (if you do it right), and a fun way to use your time up during this quarantine. Have fun and get creative!

-- Lexi Chodash, Kappa Kappa Gamma


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