Boss Babes Wanted: Five Greek Leadership Positions and Tips to Master Them

Fun Fact: many of the most ambitious boss babes we have come to know and look up to also happen to be our sorority sisters. From Condoleezza Rice (Alpha Chi Omega) and Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Alpha Epsilon Phi) to Carrie Underwood (Tri Sigma) and Tory Burch (Kappa Alpha Theta), sorority women have dominated in every field they have entered and accomplish their goals with grace and class. They hit the ground running and made a name for themselves in a way a lot of us determined young women hope to do as well.

However, this dedication to the grind does not have to be exclusive to post-grad life or a side hustle. Being a motivated queen within your own chapter and Greek community can be just as rewarding and give you experiences you might never have gotten anywhere else. Here are some ways to help your ambitious energy thrive and your unique girl boss glow shine.

Join Some Committees

Whether you are a new member trying to get your feet wet, or an older sister wanting to get more involved, a committee is a great place to start to get some influence in how your chapter is run. There are usually committees for everything and anything, so you are bound to find something that fits your vibe and interests. Feel free to think big, make contributions, and share ideas, your teammates will appreciate it, and so will your sisters.

Tips for Committees:

  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work – A committee is usually never made up of one person, so working well with others is the key to success.
  • Always Communicate – This one feeds into the former as not communicating with your teammates could result in disaster, make sure you keep your teammates updated and informed and listen when they share as well.

Get a Position in Your Chapter

Do you thrive in positions with big titles that go along with more significant workloads? If so, then a position in your chapter may be just right for you. Roles in a chapter vary in responsibilities and can sometimes take up your entire term like the President or be centralized in a giant burst of energy like Recruitment Chair. While they are each different, they are each essential, and they make the chapter what it is. Put your all into your position, be innovative, and leave your mark!

Tips for Chapter Positions:

  • Be Confident – The more confident you are in the choices you make, the more confident your fellow chapter members will be in your capability in your role. You’re in this position for a reason, so prove the people who picked you right.
  • Manage Your Time – The worst thing you could do is work yourself so hard you burn yourself out. Manage your time with a balance in mind, and both your work and your mental health will be better for it.

Become a Recruitment Guide

Being a recruitment guide is probably one of the most rewarding and enjoyable positions anyone could take on during their time as a sorority woman. Not only do you get to wear sneakers and t-shirts all day—goodbye high heels and step clapping—but you also get to act as a guiding force
and big sister figure to all the girls going through Recruitment. They will look to you to quell their fears, make them smile when the days are long, and be the trusted confidante they need.

Tips for Recruitment Guides:

  • Be Ready to Listen – The girls going through Recruitment will turn to you when they need advice, a hug, a tissue, or even someone to rant to. They’re going to rely on you and the knowledge you have gained from already being a sorority woman.
  • Remember It’s Not About You – You’re already in the chapter of your dreams, as a recruitment guide your job is to help these girls accomplish the same. Separate yourself from your experience, so you can help these girls find their forever home as well.

Apply for a Panhellenic Council Position

Panhellenic Council positions aren’t regularly talked about. This is because the members of the Panhellenic Council function like the directors, producers, and crew of a movie. They run the whole show, but people only ever see the finished product, i.e., Formal Recruitment. The Panhellenic Council makes decisions that affect the entire community, and it is definitely a position in which the concept of “great power means great responsibility” comes into play.

Tips for Pan Exec Positions:

  • Have Thick Skin – Because you help make decisions and rules that the chapters on your campus will have to follow, you have to be ready for pushback and disagreements. Remember that they are not attacking you and that everyone is entitled to their opinion.
  • Be Adaptable – Things can change at the drop of the hat when everything runs through you, so being aware of this and being prepared for it will make your job a hundred times easier.

Work in the Larger Greek Community

These positions are the farthest removed from your own council and especially your own chapter. Usually, working in the larger greek community means getting a position on the Greek Council in which you work with people from all of the councils that are present on your campus. Together you all figure out how to create unity at your schools and make sure that the Greek experience is excellent for everyone.

Tips for Greek Council Positions:

  • Be Open-Minded – In Greek Council, everyone will be coming from different
    backgrounds and mindsets. Learn from your fellow council members, and they may learn something from you too.
  • Be Respectful, and You Will Be Respected – There are pre-existing opinions of every branch of Greek life, but respecting our differences is the most effective way to accomplish greatness!

Whatever role you choose to take on, remember to put your best foot forward and be the shining star we all know you are!

Xx, Christian Tippins

University of Central Florida, Kappa Alpha Theta


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