Bored? Use this time to step-up your Instagram game!

You’re on hour 3 of your Zoom lectures - you’re feeling bored, snacky, over it, or all of the above! You haven’t left your house since who knows when and all the Netflix/Hulu shows have been binged. What more is there to do?

Let’s get creative! Now more than ever some (or most) of us have the time to beef up our IG feed! While I’m sure it may be low on your priority list during COVID-19, it will be a great way to streamline some of your energy towards something fun. Plus, it’s easier than you think!


Not an “influencer”? Who cares! Quality content is possible from pretty much everywhere with the click of a button on your smartphone. While having a great picture camera would be optimal, your iPhone works similarly (+ you don’t have to spend anymore $$). Find a space where you can leave that phone & get shooting (photo bursts & the self-timer will be your new best friends)!



Help Me With My Selfie

You know what you’re shooting with & how you will get the right shot, but what should you be taking pictures of? 

Now more than ever the selfie game is no joke - it’s not as simple as flipping to your front-facing camera and snapping a few kissy faces at the lense. Some level of planning is expected to get that IG worthy shot (especially if you’re quarantined in your home). Here are some things to note as you’re planning your content: 

1. Do I have any fun backgrounds in my home? If not, can I make one?

I know what you’re thinking, but I promise it is not as difficult as it may seem. Content Creators like @kyliekatich & @delightinthedesert do it every day! Yes, EVERY DAY! Whether it’s a sheet hung up on a wall or thinking outside of the box, look to them for some inspo.!

2. What vibe do I want to evoke?

It’s all about the vibes! Your outfit, your attitude, your props, and more - think about what you want your followers to feel when they drop a like.

3. Do I feel good about this?

If you’re not feeling an idea you’re planning, then I would not recommend shooting for it! Rethink the idea & make sure it will make you feel comfortable, beautiful, & confident!

Show Up

Content? Check! 

Now you have to think: how do I maintain my following or (even better) grow it? Show up for your followers! It’s time to toss out the thoughts about who isn’t following you - it’s time to give some TLC to those that do! 

Remind your followers, friends, family, that you appreciate their comment through responding, you can also leave heartfelt comments/messages of your own, it’s vital to remember WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU CARE ABOUT, forget about the easy, cute captions by starting to share stories, and most importantly, feel good about the self(ie) that you’re posting to the world!

Overall, COVID-19 may be leaving some of us in a rut. Having to evacuate school, not seeing friends in person, and worrying about health/safety is hard. It’s understandable that you may be looking for other outlooks as well as making sure that it’s something fun! You don’t have to feel trapped in your room, open your world through Instagram & make content that helps you feel bright in some of the darker times!

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