Be Your Own Boss Babe: Turn that Side Hustle Into a Business

Being Your Own Boss Isn’t Out of Reach

Starting your own business and being your very own Boss Babe is a dream of many girls, but for so many this dream seems like something that will always be out of reach. In a time where small businesses have the opportunity to thrive through e-commerce and social media platforms, there is no excuse to not go after your goals, even if it’s just as a side hustle.

Founder of jewelry company Luna Lux Gems (@lunaluxgems), Mia Vaughn, went after her passion last year, and she has not looked back since.She is committed to creating a community of strong women, while outfitting them with some stunning gems. She gave me a glimpse into her journey and how she got to the place she is now. 


Q: When did you start making jewelry?


A: I started making jewelry in 2015 for this jewelry company! I remember it took me a couple months just to learn how to wire wrap and I would get so frustrated with myself, now making jewelry is like riding a bike. Just a friendly reminder to the readers to be patient with yourself and practice makes perfect! 


Q: What inspired you to create Luna Lux Gems?


A: The most important thing that sparked my idea was wanting to create a company that had a strong community and a specific intention in each product that I sold. I felt brands were not focusing on bonding with their customers, but instead constantly making them feel this need to consume and just buy from them. The most important thing was that I wanted to create a brand that reminded women how truly beautiful they are, inside and out. I wanted these babes to put on each piece they buy from me feeling that intention and energy of love. I created Luna Lux Gems to embody confidence. I created Luna Lux Gems to create a strong community that empowered one another, create friendships, to inspire, and to support each other. Luna Lux Gems is much deeper than just a jewelry brand, it's a brand that embodies confidence, strength, community, honesty, and to remind people who they are authentically and to embrace it. 


Q: How did you initially start your business?

 A: I initially started my business in early 2019 and I had no idea what I was doing. I thought this would just be a side hobby while I was an interior design assistant. I was and still am going to school to receive my BA in interior design, was working two jobs and doing my jewelry business whenever I can. I have to give my father and boyfriend credit for pushing me to start my own business. My father has been an entrepreneur my whole life and he could see how unfulfilled I was working for others. Without his encouragement and tough love, Luna Lux Gems wouldn't be born. 


Q: How long did you have to work before Luna really started to take off?


A: It took me about a year for Luna to really start to take off, but it's because I never took it seriously until I lost my job due to the pandemic. Once I lost my job I knew it was time to take myself and my business seriously and to the next level. When I started putting my full effort and attention to Luna, taking chances and being creative, it started to take off. Good things take time, but the more effort you put into it, the more momentum you will start to see. 


Q: What challenges have you faced while growing your business?


A: Growing a business, you face challenges everyday. I think the biggest challenge I faced was trying to keep the momentum going. Being an e-commerce business is challenging on its own and trying to figure out how I am going to make my business money this month can be very stressful. The hardest thing though is always having to think of new pieces each month and how I can stand out being a jewelry company. Another challenge is as my business is growing, it can get overwhelming as a one woman team. Being on your own, you're wearing many hats and that can cause you to burnout which means the momentum can come to a stop. It's challenging overall, but I felt it made me stronger.


Q: What are the biggest things you've learned from this experience?

 A: The biggest lessons I've learned from this experience is that you can really surprise yourself with what you're capable of. Being organized and frugal with time and money is so important, every penny and second counts when running a business. Now I know why they say time is money. Self growth never stops, never stop educating yourself on how to make your business better, but most importantly how to make yourself better each day. You're the heart, brain, soul of the operation and you need to make sure you're fueled up properly from what you eat, how you exercise your mind and body, what you think, and what your routine is. Having a routine is so important, most importantly giving yourself an hour in the morning to meditate, read and journal is the best thing you can for yourself. It helps you to stay sharp, not feel burnt out and ready to conquer anything.


Q: What keeps you motivated?


A: My Luna babes, my family and friends, and my boyfriend. Trust me, I have days that I just don't want to move or feel that I am failing. I have self doubts and fear, but what really keeps me going is the love and encouragement I receive from my community. Those sweet messages I get from my Luna babes really keep me moving and it reminds me why I am doing this in the first place. How proud my parents are of me just means everything to me, being a role model to my younger siblings is what I value the most and the endless love and help I receive from my friends keeps the fire going in my belly. I couldn't do this without my strong community. 


Q: What advice do you have for girls that want to start their own small businesses?

 A: I could write an essay for you girls, but I'll keep it simple! Just do it, please don't be scared or let fear stop you from your dreams. Starting your own business is the most rewarding feeling ever. Even if you end up not liking it at the end, you can at least say you tried! We forget that the universe is here for us and wants us to have everything we desire and need. The universe wants us to succeed and to tap into our true authentic self. If your soul is not fulfilled, then what is stopping you. Ask yourself this, do you want to live your best life? Do you believe you deserve everything you dream of? Do you want to be your own boss? Do you think you deserve abundance of wealth? YES TO ALL OF THIS because we all deserve this. Do not sell yourself short, do not settle for less, do not shrink yourself. If you have a passion, then please go out there and share your gift with the world. Babe, if I can do this, you can do this. I believe in you, you should believe in yourself. 

 If you feel you don't know how to start, I promise you it's much easier than you think. 

 For a great website platform, use Shopify or Squarespace. For your business license, seller's permit, go through legal zoom, it's easy and they handle everything for you. For an affordable and awesome bookkeeper, use BenchMark. Don't forget that everything is at your fingertips, watch Youtube videos, research, listen to podcasts. Don't let excuses and fear be in the way of the life you deserve. 

 What do you think is coming in the future for Luna Lux?

 I think what is coming for the future for Luna Lux Gems is big things. I see Luna Lux Gems growing everyday, reaching millions of people making them feel beautiful and a community to come to. I see a podcast or youtube channel coming, I see events that bring so many people together, I see other boss babes being a part of this, I see endless friendships and love. I see such great things for Luna Lux and I see this company impacting many people in such positive ways, whether it's big or small! 


Maddie Terry

UCSB Delta Gamma


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