10 Tips to Make Your Groceries Last Longer

With many states following in the “Shelter-at-home” protocol, we need to be well-equipped to make our groceries last! Here at 10 tips to help your groceries last as long as possible!

Tip 1: Herb Decor

Things like green onions, cilantro, mint, and celery can be stored in a vase with a little bit of water in the bottom to extend their life! Pick out a cute jar or vase and make it cute! You can have a lovely bouquet of produce that both looks and tastes fresh!

Tip 2: Freeze That Fruit

For fruits and veggies that you need to make last, wait until they hit peak ripeness and then throw them in the freezer! This will preserve them at their prime and allow you to save them for later.

Tip 3: Ice Tray Eggs

If you have an ice tray, you can crack eggs into the tray and freeze them so they stay good! That may sound strange but it works to keep them nice and fresh for you.

Tip 4: Avo-Toast on Ice

We all love avocado toast! But bread and avocado have both been hard to come by during this crisis. Avocado can not be frozen whole, however, you can cut it up into slices, or mash it, and freeze it that way! It’ll keep it from browning and getting too mushy. Bread can also be frozen to maintain freshness! Avocado toast lives on!

Tip 5: No Cold Bread

Do not store your bread in the fridge! This can cause it to produce moisture and mold quicker. Put it in a drawer or on top of the fridge to keep it longer.

Tip 6: Your Apples Can't Sit With Us

Make sure to store apples away from all other fruits! Apples emit ethylene which can cause other fruits to ripen at a quicker rate (shortening their lifespan).

Tip 7: Seal it up

For dry pantry foods, ditch the cardboard packaging and move what you can into airtight storage! Jars, plastic Tupperware containers, and zip locks will work to preserve freshness.

Tip 8: Keeping up with your Condiments

Make sure all sauces and dressings go in the fridge as soon as you open them so they stay fresh! Most of them can be stored in the pantry before they’re opened, but remember to switch them over after opening!

Tip 9: A Safe Space for Olive Oil

Always keep your olive oil in a cabinet.  It should be away from heat (like the stove or microwave) and also away from the cold (like the fridge). Make sure it has its own space!

Tip 10: Help Your Milk Rise & Shine

Milk can be frozen! But be warned - when milk is frozen it expands. So make sure to pour some out before storing it in the freezer so it has the space to rise and shine!

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