10 Fashion Trends I’m LOVING Right Now

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I have done a ~good~ amount of online shopping over quarantine. All this desire to get all dressed up with nowhere to go gave me hope that maybe I can put some of my new outfits to use soon. Within this past year, I have really started paying attention to fashion trends and how I want to partake in them. In typical enneagram type four fashion, I like to be unique. When a new fashion trend comes along, sometimes it takes me a while to get into it, especially if I don’t see myself being able to pull it off. Lately, fashion has been something I love to use for self-expression. A trendy, polished, and unique outfit makes me feel super confident! Here are 10 fashion trends I am obsessed with currently. Make room in your closets, ladies.

Biker Shorts


I just now decided to hop on this bandwagon. At first, I never thought I could pull off biker shorts. I’m a short gal and thought they were an awkward length on me. However, I have changed my outlook on biker shorts. I love this look. They are super versatile and can easily be dressed up or down. I am a die-hard leggings person, so these are a perfect alternative to athletic shorts or long leggings in the hot muggy Arkansas summers.

Styling tip: Pair with a long graphic tee to create a grungy take on athleisure!

Gold Layered Necklaces


I have always been a big fan of jewelry. It helps you add a statement to your outfit that can be both bold and subtle at the same time. Lately, I have been loving the gold lock necklaces paired with smaller dainty pieces. The layered look seems very put-together but gives you a cool girl aesthetic nonetheless. 

Styling tip: If you’re a fan of name necklaces, I ordered one from Etsy in a Gothic font and I wear it all the time. It was super affordable and doesn’t tarnish!

White Shoes


I feel like this has been a trend for a while now, but I am so in love with the clean look white shoes bring to an outfit. My favorite white shoes are a bootie, a sneaker, or a platform sandal. The good thing about white shoes is that they go with everything! 

Styling tip: Fila’s go with literally everything. I am convinced.

Colorful Sneakers


This is my go-to staple. I love to wear a fun pair of sneakers with my daily outfits I wear to class. I walk a lot on our campus, so comfortable and cute shoes are a must. There are so many options to choose from, and they are all super cute and add a great pop of color. It takes so much willpower for me not to buy more pairs of sneakers than I actually need. Sometimes ya gotta treat yo’ self!

Styling tip: Pair with dark leggings and a neutral top for extra POP.

Graphic Tees and Flowy Skirts


I wear an outfit like this to work several times a week. I work at a pretty casual office, so I love to be able to wear something I can put a little personal flair on that is also super comfortable. Shoutout to Target for coming in clutch with the most comfortable and stylish skirts. 

Styling Tip: Pair your fave sorority shirt with a flowy skirt and rep your letters in a dressier way!

Bold Nails


An intricate nail design is the perfect statement piece for ANY outfit. I love the trend of doing multiple colors on one hand, as well as any fun colors that pop. A neutral nail is always a good option for those clean minimalist vibes.

Styling Tip: If you’re like me and rarely make it to the salon, an easy way to get nails that look amazing is to get some glue-on or press-on nails from Walmart, Target, online, etc. You can get a pair for around $7 and so many people have told me it looks like I went to the nail salon!

Puffy Tops


I’ve been loving the puffy peasant top look. It’s perfect for summer, and you can dress it up easily. My favorites are the tops with mesh sleeves. Definitely something I need more of in my closet.

Styling Tip: Pair with jean shorts and combat boots for an edgy contrast to the sweet puffy sleeves.



It’s back, people. Tie-Dye is no longer reserved for DIY birthday parties. Tie-Dye is 2020 fashion. I began to see this trend emerge during quarantine, and I was immediately a fan. I have several shirts I am wanting to tie-dye and bleach, and I can’t wait to try it! Fingers crossed it turns out as cute as the tutorial.

Styling Tip: Tie Dye sets are EVERYTHING. They are super comfortable yet stylish and are the perfect quarantine fit.

Bucket Hats


We love a good comeback kid. Bucket hats are yet another trend that has recently resurfaced. I swear I used to have one when I was a kid. These hats are popping up all over social media, and are the perfect summer accessory for a day in the sun. I just ordered one, and I can’t wait to wear it!

Styling Tip: If you’re wanting a cheap option, Amazon carries a lot of bucket hats and they are all well-priced!

Hair Clips


Did anyone else have like 500 sparkly butterfly hairpins as a kid? The 90’s hair clip is BACK and better than ever. From the butterfly clip to the simple sleek hairpin, a hair clip is a great accessory that adds color and polish to any outfit. 

Styling Tip: In my opinion, fun clips work for every outfit! I like them with a casual graphic tee and shorts or even a sundress!

Get Stylin' Babes!!

Xx Caroline Wetsell

University of Arkansas, Alpha Chi Omega


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