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If the following resonates with you then we think you would be a great addition to our team!

She is a natural born leader that enjoys building new relationships and growing her already strong network on campus. She is always up to date on the current trends and confidently expresses her own unique style. She is self-motivated and inspired to improve her professional skills for her already bright future. Her hard work and goal-achieving mentality positively influences her peers & her positive spirit is infectious. 

The Social Life strongly encourages all races, ethnicities, and minority identities to apply. Our company is for everyone.


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  • Network with each house on Campus and connect with the officers in charge of each order
  • Introduce officers to their TSL Apparel Specialist who will help them with their orders
  • Maintain strong relationships with each chapter so that we get each new order
  • Be our eyes and ears on campus, keeping us up to date on the latest trends
  • Send us monthly design ideas and content inspo
  • Attend events that used our apparel to support the chapter and take photos
  • Wear our apparel on campus and create content of you in it
  • Help us get every sorority woman you know wearing TSL apparel
  • Plan and conduct digital marketing campaigns on your socials
  • Share each new product drop on social media and across your network
  • Send out your discount code to encourage purchase
  • Think of new and creative ways to increase apparel sales
  • Embody our brand in all of your interactions with sororities on campus
  • Make money on all sales
  • Receive free apparel each semester
  • Learn valuable skills involving sales, marketing, ecommerce, and influencing
  • Cultivate business relationships and new friendships! 
  • Build your Resume - Adding to your job experiences, skills & references
  • Receive one on one mentorship from our program coordinators

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