Roommate Red Flags: How to Choose the Best Possible Roommate

Choosing a roommate is a huge decision. Making the right choice is pretty crucial because if you choose a less-than-pleasant roommate, they’ll be hard to avoid. If you find the right roommate, your freshman experience will be amazingly improved. With most Class of 2021 Facebook posts looking virtually identical, it can be hard to tell if you’re making the right choice. Here are some questions that will help increase your chances of finding the perfect roommate more than finding out of you have the same favorite Netflix shows:

  1. Do they have the same sleep schedule as you?

One of the first things that you should ask a potential roommate is what their sleeping schedule is. I guarantee that the easiest way to get annoyed with someone is to have them wake you up constantly. If you’re a night owl and the girl you’re roomie crushing is an early riser, it probably won’t be the perfect fit.

  1. Are they optimist, pessimist, or realist?

Nothing annoys an optimist more than a pessimist, and vise-versa. You should ask your potential roomies which of these ideologies they identify as and make sure their outlook on life is not one that will kill your vibe.

  1. Are they planning on being involved in the same activities that you are?

You definitely want your roommate to be somewhat similar to you, so you can relate to each other easily. That being said, you don’t want a roommate that you end up spending 24 hours a day with. Since you’re going to see each other so much while you’re both in your room, you’ll want to pick a roommate that has some varying interests or a different major so that you don’t go from class, to extracurriculars, to your dorm with the same person. Even the most perfect roommate pair should expand their horizons.

  1. Did they have a similar high school experience to you?

If you loved high school, and all of your high school friends had the same great experience, you’ll most likely get along well with other people who loved high school. Likewise, if you hated high school and are so excited about all the ways that college differs from high school, you’ll probably enjoy other people who are ready to leave their high school experience in the past.

  1. Does their social media look similar to yours?

Finding a roommate is a situation where a little social media stalking will work in your favor. You can find out so much about a person from their social media. If your roomie crush’s Insta game is pretty similar to yours, it might be a hint that you will get along! But, if she posts cat videos all over Facebook all day long, and you’re neither a cat fan nor a facebook fan, you might want to keep looking. If you’re into fitness and you see a lot of hiking photos on her Instagram, you know you’ll have a connection!

  1. Do they have similar political views to yours?

Although this doesn’t necessarily have to be a deal breaker, if you love talking politics and you and your roomie fall on opposite ends of the spectrum, it could make for some tense moments. If you have the same political views, it could definitely serve as a channel for conversation and help you bond.

  1. Do you both like having people in your room?

Agreeing on if your room should be a social spot or stay quiet is a crucial agreement in a roomie relationship. If one of you is inviting people over when the other one wants an empty safe haven, it will lead to conflict. Asking this question to your potential roommate will help ensure that your room is as poppin’ or as peaceful as you want.

  1. Are you okay with having people stay over?

Many freshmen have high school friends or family come visit them. If your potential roommate knows that some of her friends already booked tickets to come stay with her, but you don’t want them squeezing into your dorm room, it could create an issue.

  1. Do you have a similar music taste?

If your roommate is constantly blasting country, and you’re into rap, she may not be your favorite person after a while. Also, having someone constantly asking you to turn your music down or off can become very annoying. Other than avoiding getting on each other's nerves, having a similar music taste is an awesome way to bond. If you both like each other’s music and can have your favorite stuff playing in your room whenever you want, your room will likely have great vibes.

  1. Do you want your room to be a study space?

Do you mind your roommate’s music, television, or conversation in the background of your room? If one of you wants it to be a quiet study space and the other prefers to study elsewhere on campus and come back to the room to socialize and chill, you might hinder each other’s ability to use your room the way you want to. Two room studiers will make for a great, peaceful, dorm room study space. On the contrary, two library studiers who like their room to be a haven away from schoolwork will match up well!

  1. Do you have similar plans for your nightlife?

Your room could become a really fun place to be on weekend nights if you and your roommate both like to go out. However, if one roommate wants to go out and come home late very often and the other needs lots of sleep on nights before class and will be disturbed by her roommate coming home, problems will arise. If you and your roommate are on the same page about going out, you’ll probably have a lot of fun together!

  1. Do you have the same opinion on sharing clothes?

Getting a roommate is an opportunity to double your closet- but only if you’re on the same page about it. Stealing your roommate’s clothes when she is not okay with sharing is a really good way to create roommate problems fast. If she doesn’t want you to wear her clothes and you don’t want her to wear yours, there will be peace! If you are both interested in going shopping in each other’s closets, you’ll have yet another opportunity for great roommate bonding!