Covered in Glitter

Always covered in glitter, lace, and paint, Linnea Haas screams creativity. Whether she is enameling metal for her latest jewelry design, taking her polaroid camera on long hikes with the intention of getting lost, or piecing together an outfit that constantly turns heads, Linnea finds passion in the concept of doing.

Photo by Ryan Treitel

Just six months ago, Linnea packed one suitcase and said goodbye to her family, her baby Gus (a fluffy, orange cat), and the overwhelming green of Oregon to make her way across the country to parade and create in the cement playground of Philadelphia.She landed almost every girl’s dream: an internship with the lifestyle and wanderlust brand of Free People.

A lust for adventure and creation vibrates off of Linnea’s every doing. Her passion for the arts, music, and the world shine through every single painting, photograph, and jewelry piece Linnea has created. She radiates in her role as a Stylist Intern at the Home Office in Philly.

Photo by Mary-Ann Dobrota

No matter where she is living or what she is doing, Linnea strives to keep her creativity, goofy attitude, and desire to explore life flowing.

Meet Linnea…

Current Location:

Philllayyyy (fillet). Philadelphia, to be exact.

What is your favorite part of your internship with Free People:

I love working around all of the talented and creative people. It is so awesome to get to know the people behind this brand and to see every detail that goes into what everyone else sees from an outsider’s perspective.

What is your passion:

Art. There are so many different forms and it is always being pushed through new concepts and mediums. People are constantly creating and it is so fun to be inspired by others and work in a creative environment.

Who is your girl crush:

Cydney Morris for sure. What a fox.

What do you miss most about college:

Being around my best friends 24/7, working in the metals studio, Dutch Bros, and wine nights.

What song do you have on repeat:

“I’m Into You” – Chet faker.

What brand best describes you:

Free People definitely. I want to say Stone Cold Fox but I am not mature enough to say no to sparkles, sequins, velvet everything and furry coats.

Choose one food for the rest of your life:

Chocolate chip cookies.

What are three talents not many know about you:

I can clap with one hand, I make jewelry, I love to make treats (and I think I am pretty good at it).

How would your best friend describe you:

Strange probably.

Tell us about your infamous closet:

My closet has so many fluffy, beaded, sparkly, silky, lacey, and strange things. Some of my best finds are from Goodwill and some of my most treasured pieces are those that I’ve chosen over buying groceries for a week.

Spirit animal:


What are three things that inspire you most:

The ocean, the sky, and music.

Your go-to-outfit:

Something sheer or lacey over something solid—preferably beaded or silky.

Describe TSL in one word:


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