7 Realities of Growing Up


I never want to grow up. It just means more responsibilities and less tequila. Peter Pan had the right idea, and if Neverland was a college campus, I would be right there with him. But, as time passes, you start to realize that the day we step into the “real world” is inevitably approaching, and whether you like it or not, you’re going to grow up.

Here are just a few things to look forward to in your semi-matured years.

1. School starts to matter

Welcome to the library, where all your social life dreams go to die. The moment you realize you spend more time here than in your own home, you have officially become a grown up. Yeah, I know C’s get degrees, but so do A’s, and unfortunately, A’s also get to grad school.

2. Random hookups lose their appeal

Why waste a number on one night you probably won’t remember? Sure, the amount of available partners in a college town is exciting at first, but those thrilling nights eventually turn into awkward mornings and even more awkward encounters on campus.

3. Parties become a once a week thing

I didn’t know this when I was a freshman, but it turns out that most of the world doesn’t go out every night. In fact, most people spend their nights as functioning adults, who maintain jobs and work towards a future goal. Weird.

4. Hangovers actually ruin your life

I live in fear of my hangovers, and it’s probably part of the reason for #3. Your days of drinking all night and being able to wake up for class the next morning are limited, because whether you believe me or not, there will be a time when a night out will leave you feeling like you have the plague.

5. Your best friends are the only friends you need

That initial desire to be little Ms./Mr. Popular gradually starts to turn into a desire to be alone in your bed with Netflix. Not only is keeping up with 500 friends exhausting, but you will come to realize that there are only a few people in this world who you would actually want to share every detail of your life with. That extra time you save by not trying to impress random acquaintances could be spent doing something productive.

6. Wearing makeup becomes less of a priority

I’ve never really liked makeup. I can’t touch my face for the whole day and putting it on takes time away from eating breakfast. So why should I wear it? Trust me, you are pretty enough without it, and anyone who thinks otherwise is not worth your time.

7. You start to love how embarrassingly lame your parents are

Nothing makes my day better than an over-grammatically correct text from my mom trying to sound “hip.” And when she flirts with all the guys I know, well, maybe she can just get their numbers for me.