4 Ways to Preserve your Sanity while living in a Sorority House

Living in a sorority house definitely has its perks. I have spent the past three weeks getting reacquainted with 50 of my closest sisters in the Beverly Hills mansion that we now call our home. I no longer experience the paralyzing effects of FOMO on a daily basis, and there is always someone around who will support me in my addiction to absolutely painful 90’s boy band music (sorry, Justin). However, as someone who values their “me” time, I found myself slipping into a hazy and irritable state of mind that I attribute to the estrogen overload that is sorority row.

For those who think they may also suffer from this not-so-sisterly affliction, I came up with this short list of treatment methods:

1. Take time for yourself.

Remember the things you like to do that doesn’t necessarily involve your entire army of Instagram followers, and set aside time to do them.

2. Branch out.

It’s easy when living in the house to let sorority life become your one defining characteristic. Remember how involved and well- rounded you were in high school? Make an effort to get involved with non-Greek organizations on your campus.

3. Designate a little spot that’s just for you.

Whether it’s in your bed with your headphones in, or on the porch enjoying a good book, there are plenty of non-verbal ways to let your sisters know that when you’re here, you don’t plan on inviting anyone else.

4. Establish your routine.

A little organized chaos is all you need here. It’s easy to forget the things on your to-do list because of all the activity going on around you. Having a daily routine and staying organized is going to keep you grounded this year.

Living in a sorority house is one of the most unique and fun experiences you will have in your life, but don’t forget to always look out for #1.