10 Things You Should Know Before You Rush

  1. You’ll make friends before bid day

Every girl that rushes expects recruitment to be a rigorous process that they need to surpass, in order to make it to bid day so that they can meet their future sisters and start making friends. Well, traipsing from house to house in the sweltering heat is a prime opportunity for friendships to blossom as well! Rush will be a much more enjoyable process if you talk to the girls in your rush group.

2. You need to stay hydrated!

Walking around from house to house in the heat all day, and having to carry out multiple conversations in loud rooms is taxing on the body. Make sure you stay hydrated. At many schools, each house will offer you water, lemonade, or tea. Make sure you take it! You’ll need liquids to keep you energized and healthy all day long. If you get dehydrated, you’ll feel awful and not be able to put your best foot forward with the sorority women.

3. The sorority women are almost as nervous as you are.

Recruitment can seem like a daunting event, but many of the sorority women are just as nervous as you are. They want to represent their house well and make sure that you have an enjoyable experience talking to them, so the pressure is on them almost as much as it is on you.

4. There will be sweat

Most recruitments happen at the end of the summer, so it’s hot! A little dirty detail that no one likes to talk about is that you will probably sweat when you’re journeying from house to house in the sun. Additionally, there will be a lot of girls in a house, all talking at once, so the houses can get very warm as well. Make sure you wear deodorant and bring makeup with you if you think you might need to touch it up.

5. There might be blood and tears… if you don’t choose your shoes carefully

If you only buy one thing before recruitment, make sure it’s a pair of shoes that are cute and also comfortable. You will be walking or standing virtually all day so you’ll be miserable if you wear uncomfortable shoes. It is an absolute must to break in your shoes if you buy new ones for recruitment. Make sure you put bandaids in your bag because even if you don’t need them, someone definitely will.

6. You might lose your voice

Recruitment is 20% walking and 80% talking. Once you’re in the houses, there will be a lot of girls talking at once so you’ll have to project your voice. If you’re like me, this means that your voice will be pretty raspy by bid day. Drink tea at the end of each day to make sure that your voice doesn’t completely disappear.

7. Everyone’s opinions of the houses will be different

Every house has a reputation on campus. This is an undeniable fact, but you should not form your opinion solely off of reputation. Once you start recruitment, you’ll have your own experience at each house and your thoughts might completely conflict with what most people think. This is totally okay! Make your decisions off of your personal experience. You’ll be much happier if you choose your house based on the girls you met and conversations you had, rather than if you choose based on stereotypes.

8. Everything will be better if you can just be yourself

Many girls get nervous before recruitment and try to portray a fake personality that they think the sorority women will like. I promise you that everything will be so much better if you just relax and be yourself. You won’t be happy with the house you end up in if you are chosen based on a façade. It is so much more tiring if you have to uphold this fake personality while you’re going around to the houses. If you act like yourself, you’ll make genuine connections with the sorority women and find the house that you’re meant to be in.

9. You might be sore

Recruitment is definitely an acceptable form of cardio. After walking around from house to house for about four days, especially if you did it in heels, you’ll probably be a bit sore. Make sure you take care of yourself and your body during recruitment so that you can have an enjoyable experience.

10. You’ll end up where you’re supposed to be

Rush can be a stressful process, but it is only designed to be so intricate so that everyone ends up where they belong. Keep an open mind and focus on trying to make genuine friendships with the sorority women that you meet, instead of focusing on trying to get into a specific house. Even if it wasn’t your first choice, the house that you end up in chose you for a reason and you’ll end up making friendships that last a lifetime.